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Spend less time on your schedule and more time on your business
Our online booking is specifically built with you in mind. So it's quick to set up and simple to use. And you can do it all for free.
With GoodFriend you can
  • Coordinate all your appointments, schedules, and staff.
  • Customize and easily edit your services and offerings.
  • Get a pet's details (like breed, age, and reason for visit) with every appointment request.
Take the paperwork out of the waiting room
Intake and checkout are a time suck. We'll handle it before pets and people even arrive. So clients can feel less frazzled, you can stay on schedule, and you can both spend more time talking about the real reason you're there: the pets.
With GoodFriend you can
  • Collect and save payment details during the booking process.
  • Send notifications for upcoming and completed appointments.
  • Offer contactless, one-tap checkout through our GoodFriend dashboard.
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Turn one-off customers into regulars
Yes, we'll help you reach new clients. But we'll also keep them coming back. So you can grow a community of pets and people, along with your business-and learn to recognize Bailey the English Springer Spaniel from Bella the Welsh Springer Spaniel.
With GoodFriend you can
  • Find new customers with focused search results highlighting your business.
  • Turn existing customers into regulars with targeted, automated campaigns.
  • Build your reputation with reviews that we automatically request from your customers and always verify on your behalf.
Support your business can rely on
Fake friends don't text back. Real friends are there when you need them. At GoodFriend, we're here for you 24/7. No bots or hold times. Just on-call support when you or your customers need our help.
With GoodFriend you can
  • Offer technical support, with industry experts and insights to help you succeed.
  • Handle all non-shop issues, like chargebacks and credit card fraud.
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Connect with one of the world's largest communities of pet parents

With GoodFriend, you'll get exposure and get connected with local people and pets. How? Well, we happen to know our fair share of pet parents. We come from Kinship, a coalition of brands, teams, and partners, all using their individual strengths to help bring more care to pet care. Every day, they help millions of pet parents. And we're here to bring them all your way.

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woman cupping dog face

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